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Is Negativity Bad — Always? Or is Cheerfulness the Primary Value? Answer #6

Don’t be negative. Well, yes that is good advice. Negative mindsets cause us not to reach for solutions. But is cheerfulness the primary value? Should we fail to admit we are facing a problem? Wouldn’t that also cause us to fail to reach for a solution? “Don’t be Negative” is a truth that has been made into a lie in our society.

It is similar to : you don’t have to do the right thing, be polite, work, as long as you are cheerful. Or: anyone who calls you to a higher standard is just being negative, grouchy, and probably old and out of touch.

Here are lies you want to equip your children to face. Sister Sharon uses modern science and Bible to help you be sure your offspring will be okay, prosper, be happy, –have great shalom — going forward.

We are about halfway through our series on answers. I have decided to alternate the apologetics/answers series with other things so you don’t get tired of one topic. Do you like that? Let me know. I think we might be diving into healing and health ideas next. Let me know your questions! Be sure and share with your friends. You see the social media buttons right on the side of the post. Also tell your friends. When I was on satellite radio at a set time, I had a group of moms who would gather in their living room to listen together! Wonderful! Why don’t you give yourself the gift of community this year? Draw moms together.

Answers to Insidious and Pervasive Arguments Attacking Your Children: Are Christians Ignorant?

Today we have an answer for this challenge: “How can Christianity be true if Christians believe a different thing?” Contrary to the common viewpoint in educated society, Christianity does not Equal Ignorance! Cultured despisers of the faith are not new, but their challenge to youth has never been greater. Be sure your child is equipped by listening.

Third is a 9 part series offering answers to the insidious and pervasive arguments attacking your children. Equip your children to stand up to current challenges to the faith. Don’t let your children be intimidated by college professors and atheistic friends.

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