Something Can Be Done

Wrapping up the testimony from Grandmother Junia, I comment on how faith and action work together in demanding healing and wholeness for our children and grandchildren.

Please see tab above for this month’s free offer and this month’s offer of a course on how to pray more powerfully.

Next month we begin a series on homeschooling, a topic I have not addressed in a thorough way since the first year of this broadcast. My best young mother adviser suggests that homeschooling might be the most important helpful information! So we will be running some basic information on that. Then following that, in March, we will talk to some amazing educators from private and charter schools, in order to share their great ideas.

I do what to let you know that the Texas Home School Coalition Capitol Days will be February 6, March 9, and April 13. More about that in an exciting interview with Tim Lambert of THSC about legal and political matters. Please tell you friends.

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