Homeschooling? Yes, You Can Teach Reading. Yes, You Can figure Out What Your Child Needs. Here is Help.

New to Homeschooling? Then, I can guess your top 3 questions. Here are the answers:  Yes, most can homeschool.  But can I get my little one over the hump of reading and writing?  Yes, you Can Teaching Reading and Writing. Yes, You can figure out what your child needs. Here is encouragement and real help.

Lots of people are starting to homeschool. Fortunately, we have faced the fears before you. Welcome. Fear one: Can you do it? Yes. Can you teach reading and writing. Well, yes, if you find out how. BTW, it is teaching Writing (handwriting) and only THEN reading. Bet you didn’t know that. Know why? Because your model is public schooling.

You know public schooling is doing a bad job now. Did you know that it has been doing an increasingly bad job for 100 years?  Yes. The good part about that is that we have other methods that have shown for 100 years that it can be done better. I will let you in on the secret on that teaches handwriting, reading, and composition the most easily. It is like games. For 4 year olds! They love it.

NO MORE DREARY DEADENING STULTIFYING WORKSHEETS. Throw out the worksheets (for teaching handwriting especially.) They don’t work. Did they work for you? Were they fun? Do you want to teach your kids that learning is not fun? That they can’t do it? if so, use worksheets. if not… listen to this episode.

Jeynes, short article

Popham Truth About Testing

Montessori  Method

Hainstock Teaching Montessori in the Home  available at CBD 

PS. Not trying to send you to Amazon necessarily; just making the book info available to you. Please use your favorite bookseller. I have no affiliate agreements at this time.

PS. Apologies for inconsistent posting and bad production values. Working hard to serve you. I appreciate your patience and loyalty.

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