New Broadcasts at Election Time

I’ve been too busy to make new audio casts now for nearly a year. The time is so urgent, however, I have made 3, all of which mention the upcoming elections.

LOL, now working with tech to get them posted. Apologies, the company, has had a server crash, so we are working to get things up. In the meantime, WordPress is breaking links. So, please be patient. No money, No time, No help — so LOTS and LOTS of faith and patience.

The Government is NOT a Village – the way forward for education is character education

Government and Sex ? – things to consider this election

Parents as Watchmen Avoiding Curses and Finding Blessing.

Finally, the book I have been working on since early last December is available. The Government is Not a Village”

I also mention my Bible study guides:
Leaving a Legacy IN your Children
How to Contend for Your Children
These will be printed on demand and shipped directly to you by Or available as an ebook/pdf.  If the links don’t work, try going to, select shop, input Sharon Sarles, scroll down to find product. Apologies.

Also I have a 7 message series on CDs on Jewish Success Secrets $50.00 directly from GSB at P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630.
And 3 CD set on God’s Advice in Dangerous Times for Teachers, also $50.00 from GSB at P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630.
Fulfillment of these will be after the election.

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