God Wants

Been thinking about that title, used for a series. I took it from my book title: God Wants You Healed. (BTW, although some other authors used it recently, I did think that up all on my own. No, I don’t think they stole it from me; it think that is just what God was saying.)

But God wants? Does God want? Well, we know this is the will of God, that we be saved, filled, delivered, healed, prospered. That is what I was saying. In all these places we could just say, “Yes, this IS God’s will for you….” It is important that people not accept some story that it is God’s will that their children are broken. No, it is God’s will for everyone to be whole and do wonderful. The problem is not God’s will. The story circulates because people either don’t understand or just don’t want to take responsibility.

Okay, so that is what I was saying. But does God want anything? Well, maybe so. To the extent that God wishes that none of us should perish, but some choose to do so, then I guess God wants. Dear Lord help me, for talking about such things.

I just do know that God wants health for your child. Sure, God’s got the power, so let’s receive it.

I pray blessing over you, over your child, over your household, over your classroom. Lord, give us understanding how to walk in faith. We commit our will to your will. Amen.

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