God Wants Healing for You

God wants healing for you. God did not make this world fallen. Therefore, God did not make you sick. God did not even choose to let you get sick; God only chose to let Adam and Eve have authority on this earth. And you know what happened after that. BUT –and a big but — Jesus came. Jesus died for our sins. And we are learning and growing. In the end all the enemies will be put down. The last one is death. In the meantime, we are learning more about getting healed. This is a fix to the brokeness that came in with the fall. Might be a fix to poor health habits. In any case, God would like to get this healing to you. Jesus’ suffering and death was enough. We don’t always download all the benefits of it — but let’s consider it. When we realize that God desires us to get healed, that should help.

Today, we will consider healing from the standpoint of what the Apostle Peter wrote.

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