Better Clothes for School

About this time of year, most parents are buying new school clothes. In Texas this customer is so prevalent that this weekend is a “no tax” weekend.  So, let’s consider clothing.

I will tell you that dignified and modest is better. You might want to talk about this with your children. They might surprise you.

Think: Why is it that elite school have uniforms? Why is it that rich women are likely to go in for “investment dressing”? Or did you know that? Did you think that the stars’ look was what very rich women want? Or is that the ticket that some middle class women use to try to parlay themselves into upper middle class by attracting men?  Would a high earner female do the same?  Do any of these people dress trashy? Ever?

Everybody wants their friends to like what they are wearing. You, your child, is that friend. You could be the leader. I should tell you about the time my mother made me wear a one-piece bathing suit. I was mortified. No one ever ever wore those then. But the boys in my high school church youth group commented. Said all the girls should wear those. I was shocked.

What do you know? Eric Metaxas has W.O. Root on his ‘cast to talk about men’s clothing. Worth a listen, for sure!

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