Best Response to Terrorism

Choices. How to respond to hurt? Just posted interview re Shiloh Israel’s Children’s Therapy Center, healing the hurt of terrorism.

David Rubin and his 3 year old son were driving to an appointment when they were shot by a terrorist. Rubin responded by establishing a center that helps children heal from the trauma of terrorism. Please hear this interview. Please support this work. Without help, children often act out their hurt. There are therapy modalities that can help them, but often they are outside the reach of families. Please support this great work:

Please also consider the contrast between the two responses to hurt. One group, in response to some insult in a corner, produced lethal violence on an international scale. Another, in response to intended terrorism, meant to kill him and his 3 year old for nothing than their existence, responded by healing for many. The latter seems to me to be a much better and more appealing representation of God.

My understanding of God, as a follower of Jesus, is that God willingly suffered for us, to rescue us from a life of evil and to show us the way to live.

Of course, Mr. Rubin is a devote Jew. You may discover how he views faith in his book

    God, Israel & Shiloh

. His book, T

    he Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of O…

, covers current political relations. These books are available on

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