7 Tips for Listening and Evaluating What People are Saying to You

How to tell what is true. How to sort truth from falsehood. How to not get snookered. How to no get your thinking hijacked. That is what we have been talking about. Clearly these are the most important lessons to give your child and yourself in these days. Today 7 clear tips for listening to what comes to you, for evaluating what people say to you, and thus to figure out was is true. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t be tricked. Don’t be snookered.

Are you glued to the news?  Why? Because someone is lying. And getting away with it.

Today, we have 7 specific, practical, definite, tips to listening to what people are saying to you. Do you evaluate their claims in real time? Can you spot immediately when someone is “taking you for a ride” emotionally or intellectually? Most do not. Most can not. And young people with learning “disabilities” are the most vulnerable.

To catch up on our series, you might want to start with : How to Tell What is True. This is something you want to teach your children.

Then, you might want to go to the one where I talk about using math, or statistics.

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