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Podcasts of the Great Shalom are very popular. We have had thousands sign up. Thanks a million.
GSB ran 2 channels. One was started as local and the other as international — both hosted by www.podbean.com.

Starting in July, the local channel was made “premium” meaning that subscribers were asked to pay $.99 ( one dollar) a month to subscribe. I can not tell that the system ever worked. From what I can tell, although people signed up, no one paid. Maybe no on got content. I don’t know. I apologize for any difficulties.

The ministry shut down that channel today. We couldn’t pay for the service if it didn’t pay. I apologize to any subscribers who either didn’t get content, or who were getting it but now have to switch to the other channel.

One is still available. Search for gsb in www.podbean.com. It may be accessed through iTunes and other feed services. If you appreciate the convenience of having your content delivers, please consider donating.

GSB Podcasts not available at this time

We no longer have a podcast host. In June 2012, I upgraded the domestic host package at Podbean to premium, thinking to charge .99 cents for a month. This never worked. People continued to subscribe, and didn’t complain, but the ministry was never credited with any money. I appealed repeatedly to tech support at Podbean, but never got an answer that fixed the problem. So in late September, I closed that account. However, I am continuing to be billed. In mid November, I closed the account again, online as directed by the company, emailed them, and sent them a hardcopy. I also sent a hardcopy of all this correspondence to my bank. On 11/30/2012, I was billed again. I have appealed to my bank and to the Better Business Bureau.

I note that the BBB lists Podbean with an F for being unresponsive.

Today I found that I can not log into the international, free, account.

There will not be a podcast, then, for the forseeable future. Please listen to us on www.wofr.org on Sunday evenings. When we put our system back together and are able, more ‘casts will be loaded onto this stie. Hit “Listen Now.”

It is my understanding that WordPress has a built in app for mobile phones that I have selected. If this is not working for you, please let me know, and I will attempt to get an app that will let you listen via your phone, if I get requests for that.

Thanks. Please do ask the Lord what your part of this ministry is. You see that other people would like to charge the ministry and me. Looks like I am paying, whether or not I get service. Listeners, by contrast and listening without charge. However, there is an unalterable principle of God of sowing and reaping. What your sow into, gives you a harvest. If you don’t invest, you can not reap as many benefits. You can glean from someone else’s harvest, but to have an abundant harvest of your own, you must sow! Indeed, Please support more of what you want. It is that way in public television, public radio, Christian broadcasting, and parenting and anything else in life. Please take hold together with us.

Schedule for Posting Podcasts Changes

I posted the Easter Monday podcast early, on Good Friday. It seems that it might be a good thing to continue to post the podcast on Friday, rather than as I have been doing, on Monday. The broadcast comes out Sunday evening and Monday morning, CT. Some stay at home mothers gather to listen to the broadcast in their living rooms on Monday morning. That is great! Let’s hear more of that! However, since most parents and educators are working at that time frame, I think that Sunday evening, gathered around the dining table, with the children doing homework or gone to bed, is a great time for my listeners to be hearing the ‘cast. So I’m going to do what I can to make that a possible tradition. Those of you who grab the ‘cast through “podding” can then do that if I move up the posting schedule.
Hope this works for you; seemed like an improvement to me.

This week, would you podcast subscribers send me some word from you? Let me know you are out there. Email me at info@greatshalom.org or post something on the blog or even Tweet me.

Thanks! Love to you and yours! Blessings from the Almighty, King of the Universe who is Love and pursues us in love. Glory to God!