Podcasts of the Great Shalom are very popular. We have had thousands sign up. Thanks a million.
GSB ran 2 channels. One was started as local and the other as international — both hosted by www.podbean.com.

Starting in July, the local channel was made “premium” meaning that subscribers were asked to pay $.99 ( one dollar) a month to subscribe. I can not tell that the system ever worked. From what I can tell, although people signed up, no one paid. Maybe no on got content. I don’t know. I apologize for any difficulties.

The ministry shut down that channel today. We couldn’t pay for the service if it didn’t pay. I apologize to any subscribers who either didn’t get content, or who were getting it but now have to switch to the other channel.

One is still available. Search for gsb in www.podbean.com. It may be accessed through iTunes and other feed services. If you appreciate the convenience of having your content delivers, please consider donating.

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