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Good Breakfasts May Prevent Some Learning Problems

It was about 1900 when we discovered that children who had not had breakfast tended not to learn well in school. Since then, schools who had poorer children started serving breakfast. In the 1970s my friend, Dr. Lendell Braud, a psychologist who taught often in the education department, discovered that red dye creates impulsivity, exactly like ADD/ADHD. Today, however, schools still serve foods with red dye and lots of sugar for breakfast. Then they wonder why children are having learning and behavior problems.

Children with “learning disabilities” often have a cluster of unexplained, even sometimes apparently random school failures. Some of these may be explained by reaction to poor food or food allergies. Given that better nutrition is never harmful, but always the reverse, nutrition is an important thing for the desperate mother of a learning disabled child to try, explore, research, and experiment with.

I promised you an interview with Dr. Braud, but we are waiting on the finishing touches of her new website, having to do with her trauma therapy. You will definitely want to hear that–next week.

So, while we wait, please enjoy a re-run of another wonderful interview that Dr. Colbert MD and Mrs. Mary Colbert (wife and mother) gave me back in 2009. Mary had agreed to come on, and when Dr. Colbert came on, I nearly dropped my tea. It was a wonderful time.

Of course, this nutrition advice applies to all children. It applies even more to children who are having learning or behavior problems. Similarly, it applies to mature people who are having any kind of cognitive or physical problem, because, just like another guest, Dr. Ted Edwards MD, said, “Many of the things we think are aging are really toxicity.” We can all agree that better fuel makes better performance for cars and planes. It is no difference for humans. If you are a mother, please consider if improved nutrition would improve the lives of those for whom you care.

Dr. Colbert’s Bible Cure for ADD.


Learn at Home for Great Shalom

This is a book on how to teach your children and cover all learning needs, primarily for homeschoolers. Even if your child goes to a school, you the parent are responsible for the entire rearing and education — more than a school could ever cover. Furthermore, schools are aimed at a statistical average, or lower, and not at helping your specific child. Every child has special needs. Every child has needs for learning beyond the standard public curricula. This book helps your consider all the needs and find resources to cover all those needs. There is no book like it.

I didn’t want to say “methodology” because although it will help you decide which curricula and which methods, it is written for the average mother. I didn’t want to say “learning disabilities” or “special needs” because, well because I have faith that all children can live up to potential. Because I hate labels. Because every child has some specific special needs. Because this book is just much more cheerful, hopeful, and fun than a book labels “how to help your special needs child.” This really is the most helpful, most over-arching book that will help you pick everything else. Every parent, and especially ever homeschooling mother needs this book.

God Wants You Healed

If everything seems bleak, get this book. It will stir your faith. On Biblical grounds, you can stand in faith for healing for yourself and your children.

BTW, there are other books by the same title, but I titled and wrote mine first. It is not the first book on healing ever written, for sure, but my title was first before others. LOL. Anyway, I think you will like it; it is chock full.