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Announcements About the Coming Year

As so many do, I consulted about the next year and will share what I heard.It will be a year of increased vision and clarity. It won’t all be pretty, but victory is in the offing. The time is now.
Also, I’m making the announcement of a re-branding of this podcast ministry. It started around a concern to preaching healing and encouragement to people dealing with learning disabilities. I styled it on the Word of Faith broadcasts that were at that time and probably still all the largest broadcasts in Christendom, and perhaps in any field. However, I always wondered if styling it as a religious broadcast would fail to reach out to those who needed help. Would the religious people even feel they needed this help? Oh, I still have questions, but my understanding at this time is to be more focused and clear and reach directly to those who need help.

Don’t worry. I haven’t changed. Also, please be patient that the change may be somewhat slow because I am flying solo here. If you are a spirit-filled Christian and want to do audio editing for me, please let me know.

Thanks again. Have a wonderful year in 2020. It may have its challenges, but hold tightly to God and be unstoppable and you will find great victories. No more delay.