Supplements for Mature Adults to Retain Longevity and Cognitive Power – Supplement Suggestions

In our series of ideas for longevity and retention of cognitive power, here is our installment on more specific ideas for supplements. Of course we are not making any specific recommendations for curing anything — because someone might be angry with us for that. What I do here is go over some recent research from the resource I already mentioned. It is a place to start. Today there is so much information, unlike years ago, that you can find many books, many vendors, and even some wellness professionals to consult. Today we will just lightly take up some of the now myriad ideas. Let’s make use of what we have, with thanksgiving.

BTW – I have no connection monetarily with Life Extension or any other resource. Once long ago, I did offer connection to some supplements on an affiliate program, but that was more effort than it was worth to me. I never got any cash, for sure. Yet, I found that some people, often the very people who would have been most served for either knowledge sake or convenience sake, were suspicious and thought I was trying to make money!!!! to the point that they stopped their ears from the very knowledge they needed!!! In the first place, they buy from Wal-Mart, I think. They probably give up a lot of money to things make them worse. But I was and am and have been for a long time, offering this service to you, based on Bible expertise and real experience, and actual science — for free. For free. I used to ask for support –and when I was on the radio it was vital and some big hitters gave it — from their heart, for the love of God. Am I the slow learner? Or do I just act in love to my own hurt?

One thought on “Supplements for Mature Adults to Retain Longevity and Cognitive Power – Supplement Suggestions

  1. ssarles Post author

    Article in current Life Exttension Magazing ; “Rebuttal to Recent Trials on Vitamin D and Fish Oil”
    Except: Life Extension analyzed the design and results of this trial. The first glaring flaw was the potencies of both..And yet.. bot supplements..deonstrated important benefits that werre largely overlooked…Contrary to the attacks on fish oil supplements, the media reported positively on an expensive fish oil drug comprised of the EPA fraction of fish oil…The public deserves to understand the practical realities as they relate to low-cost opportunities to enjoy healthy aging.”
    My comment: Fake news strikes again. Folks, this is not funny. REad the article and you see that science actually show that cancer, heart attack, and stroke are dramatically reduced by an inexpensive supplement, and someone who know this lie to you so they can sell you something higher… or let you die. Why is it that we think the anti-Christ control is coming in some future date? Thank God, you can get the facts and the Truth now.


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