Summer Activities for Your Family

This week: summer activity ideas for your family. Every year I do one of these posts, it is very popular. Gosh, I saw a post on Twitter from a father lamenting summer. How can this be? Right. Lack of ideas. Really, it is a great time; a time to be together; a time to teach and pass along so much — and time to fix the problems.

Children with learning problems just need some fun! With so much hard work on academics, and often exactly the wrong handling of their problems at school, summer break is a welcome time of relaxation — and learning — without the stress of the academic format.

I’ve given you some new ideas in the episode, and some background on how I came up with those. Predictably, those ideas are rooted in current events and the discussions from those. Is it time to do a “how to tell what is true” series? Want more on homeschooling? Looking for more specifics on the ailment your family is struggling with? Let me know at

Coming soon: rerun of ideas to make businesses with children, Richard Eberiga

In the mean time, post your ideas, complete with pictures. It is helpful if those pictures are .gif or .jpg   and reduced to fewer bytes.  Thanks a million!

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