Suggested Summer Reading

The Magic Bicycle (Spirit Flyer)

Altogether too late, I discovered the writing of John Bibee. Sadly, he passed this past year. But his work lives on. His books were meant for older children but I think a wide variety of people will enjoy them. I find them gripping. I learned some important things about spirituality — and you would think that after such a long time in the quest that would not be the case. John was respected as a deeply spiritual person, sought inner healing for others, and some thought of him as a prophet. Surely, he was a Christian and a writer.

He has 2 series that I know about. One is the Magic Bicycle series, mentioned in the link above. Now, for all y ou who worry about magic, don’t worry here. The Magic Bicycle is clearly an allegory for the Holy Spirit, and the story shows a counterfiet version.

I am getting these for my grandchildren. You will want to also.

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