Sharing Safety Info for the Whole Family

My opinion is that every mother is responsible for the knowledge of health and safety of the children and the older people in her family. Here is some help. Prevent serious injury and death by avoiding …. foolish behavior. Sort out what is true. (BTW, sign up in the signup form and get a document of 12 questions to help you sort out what is true.)

The report that teens are hospitalized with covid-19 is “misleading”

Professor of Molecular Genetics Issues Chilling Warning

Senator uploads videos saying the wellknown facts re HCQ and Youtube suspends the Senator. WHAT is going on? No respect for a senator? Reason necessary to quash info on safe treatment/preventative/ THINK ABOUT IT.

Mike Wallace exposes the swine flu vaccine
Check out the personal memories in the comments.


Alan Dershowitz, no less, warns against the new censorship

Would you like an encouragement of apocalyptic level? I got it. Remember the blood moon on 2015? I remember watching with neighbors. But I never saw a great judgment; no cataclysm. Then I asked myself what great thing did happen? Oh, Trump was elected. It was starting right then. It had worldwide, long-term consequences. And it was indeed a great judgment on the evil people. It was also a great relief to righteous people. OH! That is the way God does it. He makes a difference between the good and the bad. Don’ you remember the Bible record? There was a blood moon when Jesus was crucified. People came out, expectant, worried, ready to hear on Pentecost. Why? Because they knew the blood moon was an important sign. There had been a blood moon the day Jesus was crucified. The Jews knew there was a great judgement coming. Yes, it came, but so did great rescue. Right then. Both.

Please be diligent to share this information, in a respectful and gentle way, to those who could use it. We have shifted back to a communication organization to a more networked way. Please be part. Make your network.

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