I wrapped up my mini-series on prosperity this week. Thanks for not writing a torrent of criticism. Many words make for many places to be imprecise, misunderstood, and plain mistaken. I rely on tutelage and grace of Holy Spirit.

But really, prospserity needs to be looked at in 2 new ways, or 2 ways that are seldom talked about. The first is that prosperity is fundamentally about having enough to richly invest in a new generation — because that is where the most abundant harvest will come from — naturally speaking. The men’s world of economics is normally the place where monetary considerations are discussed, but the whole point is the women’s world of child-rearing, in my view. Investing in the Kingdom, investing in children, that is what is truly important; the rest is toys, fun, luxury.

And secondly, we seldom talk about the necessity of diligence. Proverbs makes it clear. I think that this is because there is an element, like me, that maybe work too hard, and faith is like rest. (And there were those trained that poverty was holy.) The faith message is and must be really about the grace of God and the often miraculous part of prosperity. The childrearing end of that must feature some training in diligence — without of course, overlooking faith.

How could we more use faith to improve, deepen, enrich the reaing of children?

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