Pray in Faith

We want to pray. We want answers. We have a hard time even having hope, let alone faith, that we will get the answers we want. Why is that? Perhaps it is because we do not know the will of God. why shouldn’t God want your child to overcome a learning disability or any other problem? Perhaps it is because we have never moved close enough to God, snuggled up to God, to enable Holy Spirit to pray through us. Perhaps it is because we have been taught any number of things that are incorrect! let me unpack scripture that says to pray in faith.
BTW, what is faith? according to the Greek word for faith, pistis, it is reliance on God. Imagine you relied on a trustworthy friend. You would ask and not worry, right? You lean on that friend’s trustworthiness, right? It is the same with God. We can trust he wants the best for us. We figure God knows more about it than we do. We can ask for a good outcome… and maybe ask how we can help.
Hear how.

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