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Senator Rand Paul, MD filmed saying “Israeli study shows that those vaccinated are 7 times more likely to get infected with covid than the people who had gotten covid naturally?” minute 57
Play it. Then play it again. Be sure you have the major assertion. Then play is again. Or read it. Look for a softly stated but even more important assertion.

Senator Ron Johnson WI: “Let’s look at some data..” Minute 26
Data from Israel Case fatality .4 twice as a regular flu season
No data to suggested that pandmeic of unvaccinated,
Gives contrary data from UK, but notice that we know for sure that thedata is not only suprressed but also cooked. News article reported that hospital personnel were told to mark vaxxed as unvaxxed when sick.

Look very closely at the chart Senator Johnson is showing. I’ve seen this chart several times but can not get one by an online search. Notice that the cases of covid were declined to almost nothing. THEN the vax line starts, and the new wave FOLLOWS the vax line …. exactly.

Not making a comment… just encouraging looking at the data… even tho official data is skewed. Even then.

Meanwhile, Norway celebrates with parties no restrictions. On the same day Melbourne police man takes down someone just talking to other police officers, smacking his head on the hard surface airport floor, causing blood and urine to be splattered. We assume the victim is brain damaged from this violent attack. A great deal more violent and uncalled for than the George Floyd situation. No known repercussions on assaulting officer.

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