“Lord, We Delight in Your Shabbat”

I just heard a song on the radio, with the most repeated line: “Lord we delight in your shabbat.” It was a good song. and I am looking forward to a great weekend. [Contrary to what many folks have thought, this broadcast and site is not primarily a messianic site; we here are focused on children’s well-being. Isaiah 54:13 said it all and there is no way to fully translate “shalom” because it means more than peace in the English meaning, and more than health, and more than academic success. So we took from our founding verse the very language.]

Let’s consider how great a thing rest is. In today’s frantic, frenetic, messed-up life, rest is vital for the mind to work well, the body to survive, and the family to exist. May all the atheists and that one social scientist who claimed (incorrectly) that “religion” was detrimental to society, that we all owe the concept of “weekend” to the God of Israel, who rested on the seventh day. Thank you, LORD.

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