Homeschooling Challenged, But Status Unchanged in Texas

Last week the 8th Court of Appeals of Texas issued a ruling about home schooling in a civil case filed by a home school family against El Paso ISD. This was in response to truancy charges that had been filed against them as a result of their family members alleging the children were not being taught and had no curriculum. The school district eventually dropped the charges against the family but they proceeded to file a civil action against the district arguing that the state had no authority to regulate or oversee home schooling at all.

Interestingly, this family was a member of both THSC and HSLDA but refused to follow the recommendations of THSC. In such circumstances a home school family must simply provide district officials with a letter of assurance stating that they have a curriculum covering the basic educational goals and are pursuing it in a bona fide manner. In fact if the family had provided the letter we recommend, the school district would never have filed charges in the first place. You can read an article in the El Paso Times on this ruling and you can read the court ruling.


This case is a reminder that we must be vigilant to keep our freedom to raise and teach our children at home. The home school community must be involved in the political process, educating elected officials who will oppose any effort by the legislature to regulate home schooling or private schools. THSC remains dedicated to keeping Texas families free. Please stay informed and stand with us.
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