Hormones Create BrainPower Too

Another consideration for the grandparent generation, but it does relate to the youngsters too. We need to be in balance. Allopathic medicine has normally not helped very much in that. For instance, still to this day, most older women are given the choice of patented, expensive, and dangerous horse estrogen or nothing. Yet, way back in the 90s a woman gave her estate to ensure that human clone estrogen was available. Yet, because of the pecuniary interests most doctors don’t know about this. Even in cases where doctors prescribe plant based substitutes, there is no consideration of the fluctuations of the cycle. Therefore women tend to be either swamped with what is too much all the time or deficient. And that is the case of the post-menopausal women, where the hormone situation is most obvious.Everyone, including men and children have hormones to deal with. The brain is almost literally made of estrogen and fat.

Dr. Edwards was approached by some affluent women in town, years ago, asking for help. He became the resident expert in this topic. Let’s here what he had to say back in 2009 when we were on the radio.

BTW, Dr. Edwards founded the gymn in Westlake and supported The Great Shalom for a year. More recently, he has retired. We wish him well.

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