Trouble on Facebook — Instructive to Parents, All

The Great Shalom has had a little trouble on Facebook this week. As you know, for more than 12 years now, The Great Shalom has managed to make not one single comment that is political in terms of siding with one party or the other. Of course, as an individual, I do inform myself and take part in civic discussions, but The Great Shalom is a ministry focused on helping encourage parents and educators find healing and innovative education solutions for their children with learning problems. As such, it is open to people who have differing views on many things.

I am starting a home church. One can not boost posts from a personal page. Since this is also a ministry endeavor, I boosted it from The Great Shalom’s page. The boost targeted Charismatics living in my zip code and nearby zip codes. Anyone who comes to the GSB FB page could also see the post.

However, someone in neither group came on and tried to start a fight by bringing up politics. I could discover that she is a friend of an acquaintance with fairly radical views. I appreciate his public performances. Often in the past I have agreed on particular issues. My guess is that we would not agree on current party politics or religion. Fine. Why should that, and some mysterious ability to see the boosted post allow a person to come and make trouble on the Great Shalom site? I don’t know. I don’t think it should.

So, 2 points. One is, GSB is focused on overcoming learning problems with a Christian viewpoint. I have had Christians from very differing corners, but of course, I do the Bible preaching here. Everyone is welcome to take whatever is useful and put the rest on the shelf. Fine.

Second point. Let’s out these strategies of making trouble while simultaneously seeking sympathy as if the originator of trouble/inappropriate behavior/intimidation/violence is somehow the victim. Do not be taken in by these typical strategies. Asking for help is okay — if help is wanted. Asking questions is okay if they are honest questions. Having a position is certainly okay. Dis-engenuousness is not really okay. Lying is for sure not okay. Not being willing to consider someone else’s position, but still taking their time up in conversation is not okay. Creating violence in a peaceful group is never okay. Accusing people falsely or without evidence is not okay. Then subsequently claiming to be the victim of accusation is really not okay. Although it is often the case that young people accuse those who are doing something they don’t like as being rude, this is not the case. They tell their teacher she is rude when they fail a test — or fail to show for one. Actually, “rude” is defined as violating the customs of etiquette. Someone disagreeing with your position is not necessarily being rude. Someone who is patiently teaching you after you engaged them to do so is surely not being rude. Having a variety of opinions is okay. Intimidating others because they hold a faith is not okay. Shutting down reasoned free speech is not okay. After doing so, to claim to be a victim is not okay — will no longer get sympathy. Be clear. Be polite. Don’t be fooled.

We can’t have learning, healing, and progress for children if we are under the tyranny of the opposite of Truth, Reason, and Kindness. On this, let us be clear. The devil is the accuser.

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