GSB on Clothing: Be Dignified!

Here is an episode that should have been in series with Manners. I got spooked because I saw what might have been a jihadi listening. And she may still be! Also I re-thought one of my illustrations. You will hear what I did.

April 9, 2016 GSB Clothes Sharon rants a bit, but the advice is to dress in a way that offers dignity to the wearer and manners to others.

I do think we need to have a discussion about proper clothing. I do not want to make rules that will then substitute for more important things. That has already been done. But I do think that how we dress is important. If you represent a company to others, you dress in line with their culture. This is, or should be, true for the Kingdom as well. Even is you are just representing yourself, don’t you want to dress with dignity?

Oh, forget about money! One can dress with dignity without spending any appreciable money. You can buy long skirts that fit at the same places where you can buy fool prostitute wear — whether it is a used goods store or an expensive store. Bringing money up is a red herring.

Also, I do think that how we dress is a manners issue. Dressing so as to show off your personal equipment is rude to the opposite sex. This goes for men as well as women! And every culture knows it. Bringing up the healthfulness of sex is at best a red herring, and worst is a demonic lie. Sex is healthful in context of a good marriage and not very healthful on every street corner. Get it?

High time and more than high time that the Christian community re-visits the conversation about clothing. Feel free to comment.

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