Fear versus Faith in a Time of Crisis

LOL I thought I had run enough episodes on healing and made enough remarks on covid-19, but apparently not. People are just now getting really worried. First, unconcern; then panic. Folks?
Well, it is a good time to go back to the fundamentals of faith. And of The Faith.
Today we will talk a little about having faith when one is tempted to fear.

Next week, some practical advice. Please do share this. I just now tried to put a little video on Facebook and was not able to. They just changed all the procedure, made it much more difficult, and well… looks like it doesn’t work. Facebook has consistently moved in the wrong direction. When we depend upon them, we are in trouble. So, please let me start depending upon you. Please share this with people you know. GSB may be accessed here or on any of the popular podcast platforms.