Dr. & Mrs. Colbert on Starting Your Child’s Day with a Good Breakfast


We re-run a cherished episode from when we were in the radio studio back in 2009.  Mrs. Mary Colbert had agreed to come on, but when Dr. Colbert came on, I was so surprised I nearly dropped my coffee. He is such a star in the circle in which I was running at that time. Of course, he continues to be the rockstar doctor in the Word of Faith circles. Just look how young he looks! Amazing! And so funny with brightly colored socks.

Anyway, you will be warmed and cheered this winter morning, thinking about good breakfasts for your child. About right now we could use some encouragement, right? We are right between Christmas cookies and Valentine candies! Yikes! Make those a once in a while treat, and in the meantime, serve up some brain boosting protein  and energizing fruits and vegetables.


There are so very many detrimental myths about foods, almost all of which are pushed by conventional authorities, for thier own benefit, or gosh… it has to be admitted, for the plain detriment of the population. Brains grow on good food.

Being sure that poor children had breakfast so they could do well in school was a concern from the lat 1880 until about…. maybe 1980. Back in 1880, charities that couldn’t afford meat and eggs for the children at least gave them meat soup. But now, after 1980, I see schools serving up commercial concoctions of transfat and sugar and dyes. Just about the worst. And this is charity? No, it is either thoughtless or intended to be harm.

Now that you know better, you will do better.

Since the 1990s, here in Texas, we had mothers advocating politically, successfully, for taking vending machines out of schools, in hopes of having better nutrition. But then, school lunches often changed from agriculture department surplus cooked in the school to commercial vendors. So, once again, after all the effort politically, the will of the people was subverted, and the children suffer.

Now that you know better, you will do better.


Poptarts were just about my favorite when I was a child. That was well before they all had “icing” on top. My dad said, “No,  you can put jam on your own toast.” Actually, today, I have much better than the bread my parents could obtain. I do make myself cherry tarts once in a while, but normally I have boiled pasture raised eggs, and a variety of other things like pomegranet juice, grapefruit half, home-made pumpkin pudding, bone broth, and always the highest quality tea with collagen and often raw cream. Wow! living high on the hog as we say in the country, but want to live long.

And my grandsons get country eggs, bacon, and “farm milk” because they live on a farm  — and wouldn’t have it any other way. Did I tell you that my grandsons are good competitors in chess tournaments, wrestling tournaments, and now starting in robotics competitions? And you bet, they do their chores everyday.

Dr. Don Colbert – Divine Health



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