Dr. Colbert MD weighs in on vaccines


The medical industry smeared the leading researcher, a gastrointerologist, Dr. Andy Wakefield, when he began to even question the link between vaccines and autism. Some people, having received the news, mediated through big money media, even suggest that his study was based on just about three families who have now recanted their testimony. Other people know that there is over a decade of real scientific, peer-reviewed research pointing to toxicity as a cause of this plague. Some of us have seen a clip online of a large roomful of parents who will assert that their child lost speech and health immediately after a vaccination. Today another leading health-oriented doctor speaks to the issue on international broadcast. Dr. and Mrs. Colbert have kindly been a guest with us too, discussing healthful food choice for children. Thanks, Dr. Colbert and Brother Copeland, for standing up for children in the face of media disinformation and persecution.

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