WoW Excitotoxins!

Okay, now here is a new threat: “excitotoxcins.”  I knew MSG was a problem from many people. I knew that there were food additives that were intended to make them addictive. I knew that these additives taste like what we expect commercial food to taste like.  I did not know that they are excito-toxins.

Do we need more toxicity in our environment? Do we need more stimulation or excitement?  Do our children?  Obviously not.

So there is another thing we have to watch out for in the market?  Is there anything to eat?

I can hear the exasperation.  That is real.

The old rule of thumb still holds.  Eat food like God made it. Maybe it is more time consuming to peel and apple and make crust from organic butter. But it is a lot less worrisome than scraping your kid off the ceiling. Of course, you could just not peel the apple, and only core it. But some cinnamon in it and just bake it without the crust. That would be quicker for sure than making the money even to buy the apple pie. Okay, the latter choice might take some transitioning for your family.

Better health. Better budget. Better learning abilities. Better. And no fear. Just following the path God set out in the beginning.


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