Biblical Worldview Informed, if not Caused, American Liberty

Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day celebration — assuming you are in the States. Hope our Canadian friends had a happy Canad Day. Wherever you are, I hope you live in a nation that is free.

Today, some people are so little knowledgeable about Christianity as to think that it was, is and always has been an agent of oppression, when nothing could be farther from the truth. Notice that only nations that have considerable Biblical worldview are free from corruption and have true freedom. If you doubt that, consult Rodney Stark’s The Victory of Reason. Stark is a well known sociologist and traces the roots of equality, democracy, and capitalism to Christian roots and through history.

Today, on the broadcast, we are going to visit a founder to whom we owe much, but hear little about: John Adams.

As we think of how we can help our children overcome their challenges and grow toward success, perhaps this history will help. Adams planted a strong tree, indeed many strong trees.

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