Back to School

It is back to school time in Texas, and will be soon in other places. Therefore, today, we are going to bring back an old episode in which we had an intercessor pray for teachers and students going back to school. It was 2008 and Bob Long came into the radio station with us to talk to us about what teachers and students could do in public school and primarily to pray for them. At that time, his ministry was leading intercessors across out metro area. After that, he spent a lot of time praying for those in our state legislature. I’ve lost track of Bob since then, but surely our parents, teachers, students…. and governmental officials need prayer now more than ever.

It is a busy time as we go about trying to meet our own needs, those of our families, and work for civic duty. It is the start of the school year here, so that is often a change of schedule. Some are going off to school Others are beginning homeschooling. I have just heard from another state, that while many were learning online, so many people are hungry for face to face interaction, that many homeschoolers are abandoning online and  starting to meet with others.

Here, many of my friends are involved in election work: door knocking, more meetings and so forth. Given what we heard at the summit this weekend in Missouri, we have a much clearer picture of the challenges before us. Facts are abundantly clear that are hilariously still disputed —  but a new and even more nefarious picture of widespread evil has emerged. This must change strategy.

For parents, protecting our children must be foremost. For those of us with enough to sustain ourselves, we are tasked with civic duty to try to bring our nation back to liberty and justice.

Clearly, it is a time for earnest prayer!  Lord, help us! Purify our hearts. Grant repentance to our land. Strengthen the hearts of the pure. Thank you for the angelic hosts.Thank you for the sons of God, willing to lay down their lives to teach and lead us.  Come, Lord, Jesus!


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