Walk Out Wednesday


We want to share some timely information with you about “Walkout Wednesday,” August 11, 2021. “Walkout Wednesday” is a movement being organized to walk out and protest mandated COVID vaccinations, with the conviction that no one should be forced, coerced, or pressured to receive the COVID shots. The federal Emergency Use Authorization law and the FDA state unequivocally that each person has the “option to accept or refuse” the shots.

Even if you are not being forced to get the COVID vaccine, “Walkout Wednesday” is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with others who are being mandated, especially healthcare workers and first responders. If you feel led to do so, prayerfully consider standing with your friends, healthcare workers, veterans, students, and millions of others who are being forced to take the COVID shots or else be removed from their job or school.

For more information, please visit the Walkout Wednesday website: https://walkoutwednesday.net


Nefarious interests have been lying to you. Coercing you. Suppressing facts.

One of the lies was that 70% are vaccinated. The amount is 50% or less. And how can we beleive that? Could be less. But, given my personal observation, I do believe up to half.

Further, we know that the news prefers a fear mongering slanted, misleading if not downright lying push to suggest we have a pandemic, possibly natural, that there are not safe treatments, that masks work, and vaccines are safe. Ha! Did you know that there have been protests against vaccines for many months? Thousand in the streets at Trafalgar singing, “you can stick that poison vaccine up your arse.” I think that was 2020. Hundreds marching in MI last week.

Legislatures, military personnell, health care workers are joining physicians who are talking publicly and filing lawsuits. What about you?

After hearing what was said at the Mt. Vernon public school board meeting, I hope that you will participate in a nationwide nonviolent protests in schools.

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