Vaccine Injuries Merit Billions in Payout from US Government

When few would countenance such a discussion, Great Shalom brought you the real science that started to question the results of vaccines. Today, the news is that the government, even while pushing vaccines, has been paying out large sums to injured families.—vaccine-injury.html  Notice the date of 2013, while Texas state government continued to spend extra dollars for advertisement, especially in poor neighborhoods, promoting vaccines. One billboard on Airport Road says, “No kisses!” suggesting that your babies won’t love you if you don’t vaccinate them. At the same time your tax dollars were paying for this, they were paying for injury settlements.

MMR Vaccine Caused Autism in Two Children According to Federal Vaccine Court

If you go to the “Listen Now” tab, and scroll down, you can hear the interview Dr. Wakefield gave us back in 2009.  He merely argues for research — yet was persecuted both officially and in social media.

There are other safety questions than about autism alone.

It is time to investigate claims and know how to tell true from false.  Please remember that The Great Shalom has had the courage to bring you information about health and safety, as well as Truth.

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