Be Careful with the Water in Neti Pots

Washing nasal passages has seemed like a good thing.There are some reports of people dying because of microbes introduced through tap water. Dr. Weil now recommends using distilled water and never tap water.

A neti pot is a vessel shaped something like a teapot, designed for washing nasal passages. I have always used just an ordinary teacup. For allergy sufferers and for all the sufferers from the modern SAD diet, this cleansing has brought some relief.

However, even chlorinated water can introduce harmful microbes. Apparently the salt that most people use is not sufficient to control all microbes.

Let’s follow Dr. Weil’s recommendation and use distilled water. Pity, because it will not be warm. Perhaps a cup warmer for the bathroom?

I think maybe we ought to be very careful to wash that neti pot or cup out, too. The rim, in particular, might be gunked up. Let’s put it in the hot water of the dishwasher.


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