Threat You Can Eliminate: Poison Plants

Repeatedly I have seen Datura/Moonflower/Deadly Nightshade planted on church property near where children would be. Knowing that this plant is very poisonous, that if a child chewed the leaves, even a short trip to the hospital might be much too long. When I have spoken to the pastor or the CDC director, I’ve heard, “O! but a church member planted it.” Does that make it okay? Would you risk children’s lives over the fear of hurting someone’s feelings?

Search for pictures of this plant, check what you have in your property, and pull up this and any plant that poses a risk to children. Datura has large white blooms that open at night, and gray-green, fuzzy leaves. (Datura, btw can be made into medicine, but only by a special process and even then it is not for internal consumption!)

Also btw, I see Morning Glory also planted with the Datura. This brings up another point. Both plants are associated with witchcraft. People who follow the re-innovated earth religions of England often like to plant Morning Glory to adorn their front door, identifying themselves to those who understand the symbolism. Further, the seed has hallucinogenic properties — at least that is what I read.

Did you notice, we have 2 plants, both associated with witchcraft, both with qualities that make them dangerous for children to ingest, and we have church members giving them? At least once the story was, “Well, he doesn’t come very often and giving these plants was so very important to him. We couldn’t think of removing them.” A little discernment might be in order here.

There are many threats and purported threats. Here is one you can easily do something about. Please make your property safe for children.

You might also ask God for the gift of discernment — something increasingly valuable.

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