Refuse to Freak Out about Ebola: Ask Questions Instead

The news about Ebola is not adding up. If 2,400 cases (some only suspected) over 6 to 8+ weeks, that is NOT a high rate of increase, nor even a high rate of death across several countries where latrines are unknown and corpses are customarily touched.

If the US is surging *100* people, and has *already* air lifted medical supplies, why are taxpayers being asked to allocate *ten million dollars*?

If Radio Havanna, regardless of their interpretation, can quote government after government telling their own people not to worry about ebola coming there, why is it that our media seems to be focusing on “the pandemic” in a sensational way?

When PBS interviewed the authority, asking “should be be concerned about ebola coming here” the answer was long and convoluted, but in the end was “no, not in America.” Why not? Because they plan on testing people at the airport.

WHAT? Who will they test? What will they do? Swab mouths? For DNA? WHAT!?

Testing people at the airport does not add up with what we know about the flu like symptoms of ebola in a few poor African countries. Of course, we care about the suffering of our poor African brothers and sisters, but it is time to ask what is going on closer to home.

Also, as I understand it, the Obama Administration cut out the CDC’s aility to do the screening they used to do, in a targeted sense. If that is the case, the the one man who came from Liberia,infected, came in as a direct result of Obama’s policies.

BTW, he was seen and sent home from Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. So, remind me now, how screeing at the airport is supposed to be a good plan. Please ask with me.

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