The Truth about our Founding Fathers and the Truth about Education Now

This series I am going to re-run my series about the founding fathers.  Your children, and you, and even your parents may have been taught things that were factually false about the founding of our nation. I certainly was. These facts relate directly to the controversies we are now in about education in our country.  They also are part of the background to the bigger picture about the dilemmas our society now faces. It might seem like a few small historical facts, but you will see, it makes a big difference. I think it was C. S. Lewis who said, “The Gospel is not only the light I see, but also the light by which I see.” Even if that sentence makes no sense to you, please listen to these episodes; I argue from facts you will want to know because they make other things understandable.

<a href=” July 4 1 120624.mp3″>GSB July 4 1 120624 Where the Founding Fathers Really Deists? </a> Begins a series on the foundations of achievement for children and society.

<a href=” July 4 2 120401.mp3″>GSB 4 2 120701 What does “Separation of Church and State” Really Mean? </a> And why it is important in academic achievement for our children

<a href=” July 4 3 120708.mp3″> GSB July 43 120708Great Achievement </a> What kind of education did the founding fathers get that made them and our nation achieve SO significantly? Hear about the New England Primer. Your child can have the same education and at least as much achievement. Hear how.

<a href=” July 4 4 120715.mp3″>GSB July44 120715 </a> What made our nation great and how we can apply those principles today. Especially applies to youth.

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