The Basis of Education is…… Character Training. Do We Do that?

There is robust, if almost unknown, scientific evidence that the single biggest predictor for academic achievement is church or synagogue affiliation. Even controlling for the income in the home or the money spent on schooling. Researchers think that the explanation for this is that all congregations and their schools aim for character development.

If the research is this clear, why is this finding suppressed? Why are we not putting any emphasis on character development in our schools. Are there NO character traits that we can all agree upon are valuable? Not honesty? Not diligence? Not self-reliance?

How to make schools better is clear, if we simply apply this one principle: character development is the true basis for better education.

This is the last call for registrations for our pastor and congregational leaders meeting in Dallas on May 13th, to discuss how to start a preschool. Call me at 512-534-5425 for details. Early bird rate has ended. Now $297.

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