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Just wanted to say thank you to all my listeners. Today we finish up a series on how to pray for your children. Next month we re-air first our July 4th episode from last year because these themes are very much on my heart. As a back to school ‘cast, we will also re-air Dr. Champion telling how virtue is cultivated in Leander public school. We will also have some classic re-air. I feel that the most crying need these days, the felt need, is not so much physiological as ethical. Parents are not so worried about learning disabilities, because the grades are coming home fine. Trouble is, those grades are cooked, skewed, and fake. Even those students whose academic ability is outstanding are brought down in morale and achievement by the low moral quality of the wider environment. We need revival, awakening to God more than anything.

The turn around needed in schools is very much like the turn around needed in other sectors of society. It is called “do the right thing.” “To repent” means “to turn around.” God (who is Love, Truth) is calling.

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