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God owns Healing, not the Medical Industry – September’s Episodes

It is perfectly obvious that the medical industry has very little to do with health or healing and everything to do with transferring estates away from the patient. The leading cause of death (for people over 1 year of age) is iatrogenesis (dying from medical treatment). One would have to add up the number of deaths from heart disease and cancer to equal medically induced deaths.  By contrast, home remedies that work and do not have bad side effects have been suppressed.

Today, the situation is even worse, in that the government is using an unholy alliance of for profit insurance, purported government charity, and a pack of lies to introduce slavery into our culture. For instance, doctors have been made to survey gun ownership. For another instance, I was told by a receptionist at an emergency clinic that she was not permitted to tell me the cost of a basic doctor’s visit — that it was against the law.  Indeed, it is not clear that access to health care has been expanded, because while more poor people might have insurance, fewer older people do, even though they now pay considerably more for it than they did before.

This doesn’t even cover the reports of chips ready to insert into people’s bodies.

This month we will rerun the interview of real doctors, real Christians. One of these doctors, while waiting for the interview spent his time talking with me about how medical school brainwashes students and how the debt load forces them to refrain from getting good mentoring afterward, but instead to practice “standard of care” for their money’s sake.  I noticed how the extra long hours at hospitals during internships could not possibly end in better thinking, but only more robotic behavior. Who is making the decisions, then? Not you, not the doctor, and not God.

Dr. Ted Edwards Hear how important prayer is to healing – from a respected medical doctor. Rebroadcast from September 2009.

Dr. Ted Edwards continued 2nd interview on hormones and toxicity. Rebroadcast from September 2009.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield World class researcher makes call for safety testing while being persecuted and lied about. Decide whom you believe: the doctor/researcher or the big corporations who stand to gain a lot of money from stepped up government campaigns. How reasonable is safety testing when we have a huge epidemic of problems likely related to impure vaccines?

Dr. Don and Mrs. Mary Colbert Health advice for children. Incidentally, Dr. Colbert has also weighed in on vaccines.

Dr. Ensign How to keep your children safe from flu and from vaccines

Take your Word “Flu shot” Build up your immunity based on The Word

Isaiah 53 God’s word on healing.