Suggestions for improving the teaching of Sunday School

HI you all! I had a wonderful time in the Church Effectiveness Conference of the Southwest Texas District of the Pentecostal Church of God a couple of weeks ago. (If you are jealous because they got a mention, then just you have me out too, so I can mention you!) We had a great time. We talked about how to improve teaching.

One of the things I like to do, and did that day, is ask for a great idea from everyone. Great ideas come from everyone and wow! rich!

This time, I found a little slip that I had missed when I was in the podium. And it is great. So let me share it here.
Always include a practical application of the lesson for the children to experience. Read – Experience. For instance, for the story of the Last Supper, flatten a table so it is flat on the floor. Don’t use chairs, but everyone sit on the floor. What was there? What was the purpose? How we remember it today? Experience meaning.

Also, imagine a lesson on footwashing.

Too bad this participant had only a little slip of paper (because that is what I passed out.) Don’t you wish I had passed out big sheets now?

Thanks, to whoever passed this in! So glad I saw it.

It was great. I learned a lot too, as there were several speakers.

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