School starts

As the school year starts, some parents rejoice, others fear. For those who are cringing, praying, and hoping against hope for the best, here is a scripture to pray: Isa 49:25 KJV “God will contend with him who contends with us, and God will save our children.”

Pray and speak the Word over your children. Claim God’s protection from bullies, both young and old and institutional. Pray God’s best growing and blooming in and around your child. Pray love, truth, and peace onto your child, his colleagues, and even her instructors.

It feels like you are sending a small child into a lions’ den, I know. Remember, however, that due to the Lord’s angels, they did no harm to Daniel.

Then remember also, that Christ is the Lion of Judah, strong and mighty in battle — not with the world’s armaments, but with the strongest of all: truth and love. Love never fails.

Pray. Claim the promises. Cast out fear. Shine out love.

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