Praying in the Name of Jesus

In John 14:13 Jesus is recorded as telling us to pray in His Name.
I don’t really think this is a magical talisman word. I don’t think the exactly formula of how you say it is the big deal. I think it is about the fact that we are identified with Jesus and ideally, in His nature. In any case, that is what he told us to do: to pray to the Father in His name.

Let’s don’t waste time is silly arguments. The conversation Jesus had with the disciples and John’s recording of it is clear. Let’s get on with praying.

You probably have items in your own life to pray for, and for your children. Please do not forget to pray for those in authority — both governmental authority and church authority. This is a good week for that!

I do have a course on effective prayer. It is 4 longer teachings, based on my hard won experience and Bible teaching. Not just what I heard someone say. Not just what I think maybe the Bible might say. I took Greek and Hebrew for a reason! If you want to engage in effective prayer, don’t leave it to happenstance. Be organized and thorough in your study. 4 CDs and a short workbook. Bonus is a CD with 2 messages on Isaiah 53 teaching that we are healed in Jesus’ sacrifice. Send $97 to P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park Texas 78630 and don’t forget your land address.

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