Prayer Campaign Encouragement

It is time to pray. The problems are staggering. It is time to appeal to Heaven. Just like our founders did. We knew we had no great army, no navy at all, when we withdrew from the British Empire, then the ruler of all the seas, the greatest military force on the planet, and a fully corrupt government. Yet, with firm reliance on Providence, aligned with what conscience said was right, after long patience, we acted. God helped.

God helped when the fog and night covered Washington’s crossing the Delware. God helped with bullets went through Washington’s clothing, but did not touch his skin. God helped when French helped. God helped when we did not fall down into the violence of the French revolution. God helped when, finally, after serious prayer on knees, and hiring of a pastor to lead and preach to the body, the founders found a way to construct a method of governing that up until now, as long as it was adhered to, secured the rights and liberty of our inhabitants.

Pray that our children know this history. Pray that our nation repents. Pray that God grants us the mercy of righteous leaders. Let us pray for our political prisoners, whom I am finding are virtually tortured. Pray for safety for children. Pray for understanding and courage for parents. Pray for educators. Pray.

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