No need to suffer so much

I am so grieved when I see children suffering the problems of not learning. I am grieved when I see adults suffering mental decline — and just being resigned — when there is something they can do. Look, it is an input/output thing! Put garbage in and get garbage out. However, there is a way to correct the system. Your body is more intelligent than the GIGO computer system. Vitamins and supplements work better than medicine. Please Please please check out the list of supplements I have for improving mental capacity. Just go to “store” and scroll down and select “supplements.” I’ve made a list, but you can just click through to the vendors also. I’ve kept his up for years, although I have not made any profit. I just think it is so important. It’s gone so long, that the companies may boot me out, but as long as I can serve you, I would like to do that. Please, I am begging you, don’t resign yourself to mental deficiency — and shortened mission. No! get your medicine/food and be what God wants you to be! That is happy, healthy, holy, and prosperous — accomplishing your mission in the earth.

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