Moneydoxy and orthomoneyism

I woke up dreaming about teaching about teaching about money and having this new word: Moneydoxy. Moneydoxy would be praise and worship of money. Orthomoney thinking would be straight thinking about money.

I hear plenty of people who worship money. We should know better. This is idolatry and greed, both of which are clearly taught against. I also am wondering if some of my friends aren’t straying into this thinking that focussing on money and glamour is itself worship. It is fine and good to have money; it is better to worship God with it. Sure, beauty and good life can be glory to God; sharing to help, sowing, according to the mercy and will of God is obviously glorifying to God.

The old lessons are not erased by the new.

Orthomoney thinking maybe is the newer lesson in the church. Teaching as I was when young that money is unimportant is not right. Teaching that being poor is ipso facto holiness is wrong.

Straight thinking is to receive blessing from God and reward for good work. Straight thinking is to be willing to do without for a missionary purpose. Straight thinking is teaching the whole picture to children.

You want your children to be hard workers rather than expect you and world to support them. You want your children take appropriate measures to have enough. You want your children to put ethical principles and obedience to God ahead of their desire to have things and bling. You want to teach them in ways that will help them get to where you want them to end up as adults.

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