Miraculous healing and practial advice – all up in June

Make your children’s summer really count! I know you were really amazed at Cynthia Rotenberg’s testimony of miraculous healing! Be sure to get her music. The young people will love it and you will too.

Next up is a replay of Dani Johnson, multi-level marketing maven, talking about the ploys planned to trap children in pornography. Here is a mother who knows what she is talking about. She is all about success for kids too.

Then friends of mine, Betty and Melanie, talk about their life’s miracles. Betty was miraculously healed of fibromyalgia under my hand and then prayed herself and received healing of arthritis. Melanie’s life improvement may be the best miracle of all.

Be encouraged. You may be wondering if God still heals, or if God wants to heal, or if it is reasonable to expect a healing. Yes, Yes, and so what. Well, yes, it is reasonable to study and go after and get healing. I say the number one reason the prayers are not answered is that they are not prayed. These ‘casts will encourage you.

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