Grandmother Knows Best

Humorous story of battle between doctor and grandmother over whether baby is eating. Well, baby continues to eat — and thrive. Baby, who was not expected to live, is catching up to normal expectations. Please hear this grandmother’s story and be encouraged about your child’s situation.

Notice: special offer of course in how to pray more powerfully – see tab above.

Tip: Thank the doctor for his/her observation and expertise, but don’t let your faith be put down. Speak only life and faith where the little patient can hear. (Entirely different from refusing conversations from adult patients!) Patients who can’t talk, can still hear. Patients who can’t understand English can still understand tone. Doing everything for the health of the patient includes this — an the most modern doctors now accede that research supports the positive impact of faith and family.

Anybody have some amusing stories about dealing with medical people?

Oh, promised this:

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