God speaks

We know that God is a communicating God.  Has to be that way.

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us, testifying to Jesus who is the Word of God.

So you want to hear from God? How much respect do you give the Bible? How much do you “listen” to the Bible? And how much argue or ignore?

So, okay, maybe you are beyond that. Maybe you spend real attention and real time imbibing the Word.  Maybe you are even attentive enough to really and truly hear from God. Like in a prophecy.  (Now, I mean real prophecies, where you know for sure it is God Himself who has given you a message. If you are not hearing real correction in your Bible reading or the sermons you hear don’t try to cheat and make up encouraging messages. Well, God love you, God will work even with that.)

So now, for the more mature folks, so you are 100% sold out, hearing correction, able to carry the word responsibly — and now here is a thought:

Since we know that God is speaking all the time… what about that hard issue?…. what about while you are in your classroom?  ….what about while you are driving and the kids are hollering?  Yeah, I know, that is a challenge.  Good one though. Rather be tuned to that channel. I bet God would have some really helpful things to say.

Stay tuned.

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