Dr. Bret Champion, Superintident of LISD, interview on 3/31/2013

Dr. Bret Champion, Superintendent of Leander Independent School District in central Texas heads a district that addresses ethical and virtuous behavior, that teaches character. The community has agreed on some broad principles that are taught effectively across the district. Be sue you hear Dr. Champion’s comments. Please be sure your friends hear them also!

For a long time people have argued to me that any teaching of proper behavior, ethics, or addressing character, was impossible in public schools today. Some allege that this is outside the scope of a secular public education system. Others allege that Christians would block an discussion of ethics! Still others suggest that any attempt would be favoring one sect over another. I have always argued that we still do have some consensus on what proper behavior is and that is is vital to teach this in school. Further, I think it normally was taught in our schools. But how? Here is a leader in public education who can show us the way.

Please share this link with your friends. Airing on ww.wofr.org on Sunday evening and archived on www.greatshalom.org.

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